To Thine Own Love Be True

Love Healthily.  Why?

There is no “getting” in love.  There is only giving, then–a mirror of your giving–or not giving.

Being happy in love doesn’t require you to hurt people to get what you think you should have or deserve – that is not about love, that is about control, and some people would consider control in a relationship as a type of covert violence. And, ultimately, to control or manipulate what you what in a relationship almost assuredly guarantees the demise of what you thought you achieved in that dynamic.

To love in a healthy way is about flow and ease and allowing the other person to be who they are. Then you make the decision to be with them or not, according to if who they are is not in alignment with who you are.   It is something we can intuit, once we let our guard down and open our heart.  It is vulnerable, but vulnerability helps us grow toward our true self.

In the same way, getting what you want in your career doesn’t require you to force and “make it happen,” its about flow and about giving yourself permission to do the work, trusting yourself, and then BEING that person. Why do you need permission to do the work? Because the work can be relentless, and you must commit with your whole mind, body and soul.  In this way, your creativity flows, and the ebb and flow of the energy you are giving out will return to you and through your art. As Creatives, we must work on being true to ourselves…….

And here’s the thing. Your audience knows – they can feel the truth.  So, the question is, how would you look as your perfect picture self?  Would you recognize yourself? If the answer is not yes, then to what love are you most true?


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